What’s the directory of the log file?

From version 1.475 log files are located in
"Users\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Cantracer"
directory. The file named CanTracer_<currentdatetime>.log.

Old versions of the program log file «CanTracer.log»  is located in the root directory of the installed program (by default in «C:\Program Files (x86)\CAN Tracer FD\»). If the log file has not been created, run the program with Administrator rights.

Where are the modules located?

The modules are located in the program root folder (where the program is installed).
By default  it’s «C:\Program Files (x86)\CAN Tracer FD\». SRS (airbag) modules are located in the SRS folder.

Is it possible to transfer the installed program to another computer?

Yes, it is possible. The program is tied to a specific device. Please, contact us If the computer with the installed program needs to be replaced – we will deactivate your old key and will issue a new one. After reinstallation, the purchased program and the modules will be re-activated on the new computer.

Is it possible to use the basic version not only with Airbag SRS units, but also with other ECUs of the vehicle?

At the moment we are focused on writing modules for Airbag SRS units, however, the basic version of the program allows the incorporation of self-developed modules aimed at work with other electronic control units of the car. The list of modules is constantly growing. Modules with extended functions are to be released in the nearest future. We are ready to cooperate with professionals of ECU data processing, those who are interested in creating new modules.

What kind of cable do I need to connect the unit?

For proper ECU connection you will need a cable for J2534 PassThru interface. We recommend to use TactrixOpenport 2.0, AVDI, Mangoose Pro. The cheapest option (however not yet tested) is Mini-VCI (China).

What special equipment is required for functioning of the program?

No special hardware is required for the software to work. You will need a computer, an ECU and a J2534 standard connection cable. To work with CAN FD, a BUSMUST adapter, made in China, is used. These adapters can work both on a conventional high-speed bus and on the CAN FD bus, which makes them a full-fledged replacement for J2534 interfaces.